Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Return of the Spook Show July 31st Queens New York

 The "House of Ghostly Haunts" returns to The Rogue Theatre July 31 8 pm ! This Time Stuart Palm will open the Show with his Sightless Vision Act !  Cardone's dime museum "Strange Artifacts from Around the World" features 2 new pieces ...a real 2 headed bat and a piece of stone from Sharon Tate's fireplace . 

This is Cardone's new show that is sure to delight and send chills down your spine !
He has been working on this one since he was 5 years old .... no joke !
Order the tickets early and save 5 bucks ....The theatre is very small so it will sell out !

July 31st 8 pm 

Cardone Presents :


Time Machine of Death
Giant Guillotine
Razor Blade Eating
Rock and Roll Seance
ESP Experiments
Escape From The Whirling Blade of Doom
The Summoning of Spooks, Ghouls, Devils and Poltergeists !

This is a Classic Spook Show for People of all ages who love the Strange,the Macabre,and the Fantastical! A theatrical event that you will never forget !

plus as a bonus feature:

Strange Artifacts from Around the World !

ALL REAL......

Human Skull
Shrunken Head
Vampire Dirt
Godzilla Fish
What is it !
Brick from Dracula's Castle
2 Headed Bat 


Rogue's Theatre Queens New York
85-08 Queens Blvd
Elmhurst NY 11373

Call 917-520-5564
or 718-505-0316
pre order tickets and pay $25.00


Friday, June 19, 2009

Cardone Live on the "Monday Night Magic" Main Stage !

-June 29th 8pm  
   "Monday Night Magic" at the Bleecker Street Theatre 
(New York's longest running Off-Broadway Magic Show) 

Cardone will perform his special brand of magic on the main stage !  
Fun for all ages !
Bleecker Street Theatre
45 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

(The theatre is just east of Lafayette Street)

24 hr. Hotline: (212) 615-6432