Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy New Year

Las Vegas was a blast ! I Performed at Jeff Mcbride's Wonderground in Las Vegas on Dec 16th and I must say it was an amazing night ! One of my favorite magicians was in the house ...The Amazing Jonathan ! The crowd was amazing and so were the performers. The energy that surrounds Jeff Mcbride and everything he does is pure magic and pure of heart. Jeff had people over to his house the next day ...his home was beautiful and warm with love for others in his world and warm with his love for the art . I will return to Vegas this year ...more later.
This October I performed my 800th professional magic show ....I can't believe I did that many.
I am almost to 850 and its not even 2011 yet !
I will post in the next few weeks my schedule for my public performances that will happen in Feb-May .
This year I will have 3 new things for the public....A new Poster , a Cardone Coin , and a Dvd teaching my Cups and Balls Act . Above is the pic that will be the new poster . It will have text at the bottom.... It was created by the artist David Sandlin.
Have a great new year and thanks to all who have supported me over the years !

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall Shows for the Public ... 2010

-Every Friday Night ...Darrian Connecticut at ...."The Melting Pot" 7-10 pm Cardone performs magic while you eat in the most romantic fondue restaurant in the world! Call for a reservation (203) 656-4774

-Sep 6th......... 8pm Bleeker St Theatre NYC Cardone live at "Monday Night Magic" This is New York City's longest running magic show!

-Sep 13 11am till 3pm ...Union Square Food Emporium Cardone will be performing magic to promote a new product from "Boars Head"

-Oct 7,8,9 public event in NYC details not confirmed yet more later.....

-Oct 31st Webster Hall This is a music show with "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black" more info later ......

-Nov 11th New cabaret night at the Bleeker St Theatre NYC ! Cardone will perform a full show ... more info later on this one!

-Dec 5th The Grand Hyatt NYC This will be a fundraiser event in the grand Ballroom

-Dec 16 Las Vegas NV Cardone will perform at the world famous Wonderground !!! This night is getting quite a buzz going about how wonderfull it is.....I can't wait !

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Few shows for the Public !!

Cardone live on the main stage at "Monday Night Magic" New York's longest running off-broadway magic show!

Monday Sep 6th 8 pm 45 Bleeker st Ny Ny 10012
Tickets are $39.00 and $34.00 24 hrs before the show Tellecharge.. 212-239-6200...

Also I will be appearing in The Las Vegas show "Jeff Mcbride's Wonderground" Dec 16 2010..
more later on that one !

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cardone Spring News!

Hello ....I hope everyone is enjoying this weather! Spring is one of the busy seasons for the Magic Show Biz , but this year my rock and roll projects got very busy !

Cardone the Magician Live at the New York City Tattoo Convention!
Roseland Ballroom Mainstage.
Fri May 14 10pm
Sat May 15 4:30 pm

May 22 7 pm- My band "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black" will open up for the" New York Dolls" at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. We will play songs that will be on the new record as well as a few golden oldies. The new record "Home of the Brave will be done very soon and will be available as a free download ...more later. It will also be available on Vinyl.

The second project I am working on is a reunion show with my old band "Toilet Boys" . We have book the most amazing show on earth ! We are playing in a rock festival in Spain with Kiss, Bob Dylan, Chris Issak,and the Hives. The night we play we are playing between Dylan and Chris Issak.

June 26 ...Azkena Rock Festival in Spain ....100,000 people wow I would love to do magic for that many people, but playing rock and roll will do for now !
I will have some public magic shows and one of them will be my Spook Show... more on that later.
Thanks for all the support and please sign up for my mailing list that is on my website.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy New Year .....Winter News 2010

Hello ! Happy New Year ! I love the cold weather and the crisp winter air. This is the time of year where I plan and do the ground work for the rest of the year . I also do a lot of writing , planing and rehearsing new magic routines. There is nothing like sitting down with Vivaldi in the air, the howl of Jack Frost outside , my great grandfather's old pipe in my hand , and letting my pen fly across blank pages filling them with stream of consciousness ideas ! The only thing I am missing is a fireplace.
I'm working on it !

The Book is Done!
2 years in the making ! It is the book I was looking for when I was a kid but could never find. Its called "The Haunted House Magic Show" , and it is a wonderful read out loud picture story book perfect for ages 4 to 8. The art by Stuart Palm is some of the best stuff I have ever seen. We are now looking to get it published and if we can't ...we are going to publish it ourselves. If you know anyone in the publishing biz that wants to have a look at it let me know . A big thanks to all who gave us support on this journey !

Other Strange News !
This year started off on a strange note ! Some of you might know that I had a great career in the music buisines many years ago, and its starting to return this year . I played in a wild rock and roll band called "Toilet Boys" that toured the world and we were asked to play in a Spain Rock Festival in June 2010 that features KISS and Cris Isaak ! Also I am going in the recording studio with the Legendary Band "The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black". This will be a concept album and fans that like hard rock will love this one!