Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy New Year

Las Vegas was a blast ! I Performed at Jeff Mcbride's Wonderground in Las Vegas on Dec 16th and I must say it was an amazing night ! One of my favorite magicians was in the house ...The Amazing Jonathan ! The crowd was amazing and so were the performers. The energy that surrounds Jeff Mcbride and everything he does is pure magic and pure of heart. Jeff had people over to his house the next day ...his home was beautiful and warm with love for others in his world and warm with his love for the art . I will return to Vegas this year ...more later.
This October I performed my 800th professional magic show ....I can't believe I did that many.
I am almost to 850 and its not even 2011 yet !
I will post in the next few weeks my schedule for my public performances that will happen in Feb-May .
This year I will have 3 new things for the public....A new Poster , a Cardone Coin , and a Dvd teaching my Cups and Balls Act . Above is the pic that will be the new poster . It will have text at the bottom.... It was created by the artist David Sandlin.
Have a great new year and thanks to all who have supported me over the years !

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