Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Cardone Coin Has Been Minted !

A childhood dream has come true. When I was a kid I would read about the magicians of the past and one of the things that I always thought was cool were the different things magicians would give away or sell at their shows. Posters, programs, playing cards...but the most interesting thing to me was the magicians who had their own coins minted !
Well guess what.... I have them. All metal, with crystal clear images on both sides. These coins look absolutely fantastic. The artist Stuart Palm did the line work and design . I am selling them at my public shows and through the mail. Click on the coin pic above for a video I shot in my office on the coins the minute I got them . $2.50 for one coin , $5.00 for 2 and $10.00 for 5. All postage paid in the USA.
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Well that's it for now ...spring is one of my craziest times of year with an insane amount of private shows, and me trying to squeeze in time to be in the woods in one of my outdoor adventures ! Be safe and thanks for your time .

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