Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cardone Milk Can Escape May 20 2012 Coney Island USA

Summer Public Performing Schedule 2012

If you need any info on the shows listed below please contact me. I will add new dates on my website news pages when more gigs pop up.
Every Tuesday night at 7 pm NYC
The Spook Show "House of Ghostly Haunts" at Canal Park Playhouse. Get you tickets early this one sells out ! See the above article.

May 19 Roseland Ballroom NYC
New York Tattoo Con ! 7:30 show on the Main stage
May 20 Coney Island USA
1:45 Pm Coney Island Strongman Festival
I will be presenting my Milk Can Escape for the first time ! This is a free event !
May 27 NYC LES
Theatre for the New City LES Theatre Festival ! I think this one is free too !
June 18 Queens
Cardone live at the Onderdonk House ! This is a BSA event !
June 21 Las Vegas
I will perform in the famous Las Vegas Wonderground ! This is one of my favorite shows in the world ! Pure Magic !
July 8 Philadelphia Pa
Grasso's Magic Theatre 3pm
This is the coolest spot on the east coast ! I will present my classic magic show !

July 18 Coney Island Variety Sideshow
8:30 This is the Kick off for the tour of "New York Variety Superstars !"
July 19 Philadelphia Pa
Back at Grasso's Magic Theatre with "New York Variety Superstars" ! 8pm and 10:30
July 20th Richmond Virginia
Wonderland "New York Variety Superstars"
July 21 Raleigh NC
"New York Variety Superstars" Venue TBA
July 22 TBA "New York Variety Superstars"
Every Friday night.... Cardone live at the Melting Pot Darrian CT.
7-10 Pm This is the most romantic fondue restaurant on the planet....I'm there performing unless I have another gig. Call to see if I'm performing. (203) 656-4774