Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Shows for the Pubilc 2013 ! East and West Coast!

Hey whats up everybody!!  Summer is here and that means crazy shows in the works!
My favorite gig coming up  is my variety group was selected to be the opening act of the Nathan's Televised hot dog eating contest!
Wow .....we are so honored to take part in this iconic NYC event !
We are also going to be on the west coast in July and we are working on east coast dates in Aug !

June 20 Las Vegas NV 
Cardone live at Jeff McBride's Wonderground 
June 28 Dunellen NJ 
New York Variety All-Stars at Roxy and Duke's 
July-4 2013 Coney Island USA
New York Variety All-Stars live at Nathan's 2013 Hot Dog Eating Championship On ESPN !!!
July 17 Cony Island USA 
 New York Variety All-Stars  
July 22 Los Angeles
Los Angeles CA 
New York Variety All-Stars Live at Monday Night Tease !!!
July 26,27,28 Manchester NH
 Live Free or Die Tattoo Con     with the  New York Variety All-Stars          3day event !

Aug 2013 East Coast Tour
New york Variety All-Stars .....dates are in the works !!!

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